How to convert to judaism? Orthodox Jewish conversion

by Bonnejay Crisostomo

First of all thank you so much for giving me an opportunity mrs.Chava.

The story of why i wanted to make a orthodox jewish conversion was started on April 2004 when i first heard the teaching of Judaism,i was 17 years old at that time.

I was so very excited to know about the teaching of Judaism and I search it on internet and on that time i realized the uniqueness of the teaching of Judaism,their survival to preserve their living faith from the time of the destruction of the second beys ha'miqdash up to the time of holocaust.

I feel the pain that experiencing of the jewish people at that time!

I really really like the ultra Orthodox Jews especially the chasidic movement wither satmar,breslov,chabad,gerer,bobov, skver and so on.
Because they preserve the most ancient tradition of their forefathers from generation to generation.

Their are times that enter my mind that i say in myself that maybe i was a jew from my previous life because i really really love the jewish people even though I am not born a jewish.

You know mrs.Chava i am willing to make a conversion and i make it serious and i am ready to faced all hardship in life in order to fulfill my mission in this world.

Please help me with an orthodox jewish conversion in the will of H'shem that may He answer my prayer because He knows what is in my heart and i hope that you are the tool to help me achieve my goals in this life by your help in H'shem's will.

I hope that you will help me of this situation my friend, i want to become a member of the jewish people.And please tell me what kind of CHASIDIC are you...i am zealous to the teaching of CHASIDUS...

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Dec 16, 2011
yeah right
by: Anonymous

why wouldanyone convert to fundamentalist judaism unless they were insane?

Jul 18, 2012
Torah not Displacement Theology!
by: Richard Bligdon

Both Christianity and Islam claim descent from the Torah,yet both are easily proven illegitimate!

They are 'Displacement Theology.'

In addition,Eusebius(approx. 260-340 CE),said that Xty began in 135 CE...NOT before....

So...let's follow the true faith,Orthodox Judaism and Hallachah and be happy and blessed.

Dec 04, 2014
yaea NEW
by: Rhget

I hope that it would turn out to be much more a winner on the second phase hdd

Dec 04, 2014
wow2 NEW
by: daec

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Mar 24, 2015
Converting into Judaism NEW
by: Anonymous

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Apr 21, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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May 07, 2015
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