How to start a conversion process

by Caroline
(United States)

I was wondering how to start a conversion process in the States, I live in NJ. If you have any tips or so forth. I have been studying Judaism for almost 8 years now and want to start my process.

Thank you for your help!

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Aug 01, 2011
Are you willing to have your whole life and death to be governed by Halacha
by: Aryeh Meir


Hi there Caroline!

Are you willing to have your whole life and death to be governed by Halacha? Think again. I know a shayner Yid who before to be one took nine long years of learning.

Try to find an Orthodox community preferably with a Bet Din (if not they could refer you to a one later. Make sure you can walk to the shul on Shabbat and Holidays (there may be in your area or you might consider moving).
Write to their Rav about your intent. Prepare for a meeting in which the Rav and maybe some community members might interview you. Find a mentor. They will tell you what do do next.
The Sages say to come close to G-d, come to the Torah scholars.

Hope this helps.
Aryeh Meir

Aug 11, 2011
tea neck congregation
by: Anonymous

I think there is a congregation in Tea Neck, I don't where that exactly is I did their website years ago.

If you can go to their website here

I hope this will help you too.



Apr 28, 2015
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May 08, 2015
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