Orthodox Jews' beliefs on Marriage, Divorce and the Afterlife

by Sharon
(United States)

I know this is going to come off as odd. I am currently taking a World Religion Class and my final paper is on the Orthodox Jews' beliefs on Marriage, Divorce and the Afterlife. We need to interview someone that is Jewish and there are no Jewish synagogues near me that I can find. I was wondering if you or if you knew someone that could answer some questions for me? I really would appreciate any help that you could give me on these questions.

Our reading only gives us the doctrinal answers on the following:

Marriage: Is typically arranged and that the wife will work while the new husband is finishing his religious studying, is this true today or was it ever true? And if I may ask does the Jewish religion have a take on Birth Control inside of a marriage?

Divorce: Divorce is an option but only the man can initiate. That Orthodox Jews typically take marraige on as a permanent contract between husband and wife. The other documents I found stated that divorce among Orthodox Jews is the lowest in the United States among every other religion. Can you eloborate more on the Orthodox Judiasm take on divorce and tell me if my research is correct, please?

Afterlife: Now I understand that the Jewish take on the afterlife is pretty similiar to the rest of the Christion sects. My research tells me that Judiasm as a whole does not beleive that Jesus was the son of God but that he was a prophet. My reading also says that Orthodox Judaism says that Hell is symbolic and of our own making and not an actual place. Can you elaborate on anything I said or tell me what I am missing?

Again I appreciate any help that is given. Have a good day

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Nov 21, 2014
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by: Anonymous

Marriage is a mitzvah (commandment). Peace in the home (shalom bayis) is also a mitzvah. Having children is also a mitzvah. Because life is holy, women are holier than men because G-d creates life in them. Counseling to improve a troubled marriage is preferable, but divorce (a 'get') is possible because ultimately there is little value living a life in misery. All of the righteous (not just Jews) have a share in the world-to-come (the afterlife). These are well known Jewish concepts covered in many books on the fundamentals of Judaism. Please make sure you get them from legitimate sources such as artscroll.com, korenpub.com, ou.org or kehot.com.

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