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"Information on Orthodox Jews?" That's a question I am always asked.

I have researched all information on Orthodox Judaism. Over the last few years I spent hours and days of reading, researching and interviewing people practicing Judaism religion and Judaism beliefs.

Here I am, an Orthodox Jew sharing with you all my insight and knowledge. I just love everything about Orthodox Jews. From its teachings, culture, lifestyle to every small ritual detail. And I love to share it with YOU!

Orthodox Jews

Orthodox Judaism is unique. From one hand living an ancient Jewish lifestyle, and from the other hand mingling with secular society. Why not take a glimpse into their lifestyle. You will love it! See how they dress and why they dress that way; learn about their family life and moral standards of ethical behavior; see why Orthoox Jewish women cover their hear and dress modest and much more.

What will I find on Orthodox-Jews.com?

  • Basic overview of an Orthodox Jew
  • Jewish Holidays and its rituals
  • Jewish Beliefs
  • Jewish Clothing
  • Modest Clothing Described
  • Jewish Culture
  • Readers Insights
  • And much much more...........

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Table of Contents

Orthodox Jews - A brief overview on everything about their unique lifestyle
A brief overview on everything about Orthodox Jews , get to know well the mindset and the rituals of an orthodox Jew.
Orhtodox Jews - Orthodox Judaism: A Cultural Profile
Jews and Orthodox Jewish culture - A Cultural Profile on Jewish Clothing, traditions, beliefs and practices
Orthodox Jewish Culture, Lifestyle, Traditions and Customs
Learn and get acquainted with the unique Orthodox Jewish Culture, get to know their dress style, education, views on life and more
Orthodox Jewish women
Find out how Orthodox Jewish women dress, why they cover their hair and wear wigs. Why they don't wear pants. Get familiar with orthodox Jews tznius (modesty) laws.
Jewish Clothing - information and stores
An introduction to Jewish Clothing. An intro page to tons of information, history, reasons and stores for Jewish clothing!
Jewish Dating Services Online and more
An easy guide to Orthodox Jewish dating customs, Jewish Dating Services online and how to go about the Jewish dating network
What is Judaica
What is Judaica? - Jewish artifacts and religious items. Become familiar with Jewish articles and items. Learn about the many Judaica items out there.
What is a Bris Milah? Jewish Circumcision
What is a Bris Milah? Learn about the Jewish circumcision ceremony. Find out the baby boy circumcision rituals by an orthodox Jewish Bris (Brit Milah).
Meaning of Bar Mitzvah
Get familiar with the meaning of Bar Mitzvah. Learn about the happy Bar Mitzvah day, the best Bar Mitzvah rituals, Bar Mitzvah services and Bar Mitzvah etiquette
Jewish Wedding Tradition and Customs
Learn all about Jewish wedding tradition and customs. Get familiar with an Orthodox Jewish wedding ceremony - Ketubah, Chuppah and Glass breaking
Jewish Funeral Traditions and Customs - A Guide
Find out the Jewish Funeral Traditions, Customs, Etiquette, Prayers, Readings and Attire. What happens at a Jewish Funeral
Jewish Religious Texts - A Brief Description
Jewish Religious Texts - A Brief Description
Jewish Prayer - A Complete Guide
An overview of Jewish prayer - daily prayers, Sabbath prayers, Holiday prayers and prayers for special occasions
Shabbat Observance - The holy Shabbat
Shabbat Observance - Learn about the Jewish Sabbath. Lighting Shabbat candles, Shabbat rituals, 39 Melachot, Shabbat prayers and Shabbat songs.
Jewish Religious Holidays - An overview
A brief overview on all Jewish religious holidays. Become familiar with all major Jewish holidays. Learn about Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkoth, Hanukkah, Purim, Passover and Shavuot.
What Is Kosher Food
An explanation of kosher food. Get acquainted with the laws, terms and symbols of kosher food. Be an expert in knowing what is kosher food.
Family purity laws
Taharat Hamishpacha - Family Purity laws. Get familiar with the Jewish laws of family purity. Learn about the prohibition of having sex during Niddah - menstrual period.
Judaism Beliefs - What do Jews believe?
Get to know all Judaism Beliefs, including Jewish Beliefs on God, Bible, Creation and much more
What is the Jewish God
Learn all about the Jewish God. What Orthodox Jews believe about God, how God in Judaism is referred to, the nature of God according to Judaism, Gods' love to the world and the Jewish love to God
Jewish Free Loans
Learn about the culture of Jewish Free Loans. Read why Jews lend to each other without any interest.
Interest Free Loans, the Jewish way.
Giving loans, interest free, is an obligation for every Torah Jew since the Torah forbids interests on loans. Many parties are forbidden from usury, not only the creditor.
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Orthodox Jews blog, The best jewish blog
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