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So, what is Judaica? Judaica is a general word for articles used by Jews. It may well be divided in to three categories: religious clothing; religious articles; Judaic related gifts.

What is Judaica Clothing?

Judaica stores carry a large variety of Yarmulkes, Tzitzit, Tallit and Tefillin. These items are mostly used for observant Jews - Jews who actually practice the Jewish faith and religion. Orthodox Jews will wear the Judaica religious clothing on a daily or constant basis.

A Yarmulke (Kippah, skullcap) does not have any special Jewish laws how it should be made, you can find Yarmulkes in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles. Many people personalize they're yarmulkes with their own name or other saying. There are many Judaica stores in Jewish areas and many online Judaica stores to be found.

Tzitzit, Tallit and Tefillin have its unique special laws how they must be made. While there are slight differences in shapes and colors the basic is the same. A Tallit will be made from wool with wool fringes hanging down, a Tzitzit will be either from wool or cotton, and Tefillin has very special laws how it shuld be made.

What is a Judaica Article?

When you come to think about Judaica you sure must describe all those interesting religious articles used by Jews. Let me list part of them: Shofar, Lulav, Etrog, Hadasim, Aravot, Menorah and Grager.

Each of the above has their special time and holiday when it's used. A Shofar (horn of a lamb or other kosher animal) is used on Rosh Hashanah (New Year in the Hebrew calendar); the four species - Lulav (branch of palm tree), Etrog (citron fruit), Hadasim (myrtle branches) and Aravot (leafy branches of the willow tree) are used on the Sukkot holiday. A Menorah you sure know is used to light the candles on Hakukkah, and a Grager (a small noisemaking spinner) is used on Purim when the name of Haman is recited in the synagougue.

What is Judaica related gifts?

Here comes the most exciting part of Judaica. Lots and lots of Judaic related articles can be bought as gifts to your friend or family. They include Judaica jewelry, Judaica wedding gifts, Judaic wall blessings, Judaic silver candlesticks, Judaic miniatures, Judaic books and so much more. There are thousands and thousands of religious items to be found in any Judaica store or online Judaica store.

Is your Jewish friend getting married? Buy a nice Judaica wedding gift or nice Judaica jewelry. Do you just want to buy a gift for your Jewish friend? A nice Judaica article will be the best idea! Browse for some good nice artifacts. You will also find many antique Judaica, custom Judaica and modern Judaica.

Do you want to know more on specific Judaica items? Return to What is Judaica and follow the links on the items. Enjoy and have fun!

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