Jewish Prayer - an Introduction to Jewish Prayers on all occasions.

In Judaism, Prayer takes a central role. Jewish Prayers take place in all Orthodox Jews Synagogues three times a day. In the early morning hours, at noon and in the evening, Jews will gather to pray.

Siddur - prayer book

Every Orthodox Jewish home has a few Jewish Siddur (Siddurim in plural). The average Siddur will contain all basic prayers - the daily prayers, Jewish blessings and prayers for special occasions.

There are many versions of the prayer books. Some in plain hebrew, and also many translated in all languages. There is a Siddur for beginners, a special holiday Siddur and even a Siddur in Braille for the blind.

On Sabbath and Holidays there are special unique Jewish Prayers. There are also Prayers for special occasions. There is a prayer for healing, prayer for the dead, and Jewish wedding prayer; all these are besides the daily prayers.

Tallit - prayer shawl

While praying the morning prayers, Orthodox Jews wear a Tallit - prayer shawl. There are many customs on how to wear the Tallit or prayer shawl. The ultra orthodox Jews wear it around most of their body, while some other Jews wear it as a shawl.

Tehillim - Psalms

Whenever a Jew wants to recite an extra prayer he will take out his Tehillim (Psalms) and recite a few chapters. Jews throughout all generations, in times of persecution and in exile always found comfort in Tehillim. When a Jew has a special thank to give for Hashem (God) he will also take out his Tehillim. There are special chapters to be recited for special occasions.

Machzor - Holiday prayer book

There are separate prayer books for holidays, called a Machzor (Machzoirim in plural). They come usually in a set of five, one for each holiday. The five holidays are as follows: Passover, Shvuoth, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Sukkot.

Where can I find it?

All prayer books and many other Jewish religious items can be found in any Judaica store. There are many websites where you can find the Siddur, or other individual prayers to download to your pc, pda and smartphone.

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