Get to know which Siddur - Jewish prayer book to buy

The Jewish prayer book is called in Hebrew - Siddur.

It contains all Jewish prayers needed for the daily prayers, and for special occasions. The Siddur was printed in thousands of versions throughout centuries. Although the forms of the prayer services were laid out during the time of the Talmud, the first real siddur was written in the ninth century when various Babylonian Jewish Rabbis worked out the actual "canon" of the synagogue service. Even so, differences remained and continued to develop between different communities, especially between Ashkenazi and Sephardi communities. In modern times, different denominations of Orthodox Judaism have developed their own siddurim, and different individuals have published their own siddurim. Modern siddurim frequently include translations, new commentaries, and the texts for rituals and commandments. Today you can find the orthodox Siddur in many prints and versions, including a free Siddur online, a Siddur audio and online Siddur for smartphones.

Buying a Siddur

When you buy a Jewish prayer book you first would want to know which version to buy. There are three main versions of the orthodox Siddur, each of the three main printed in many different versions with only slight changes. The three versions of a Siddur are as follows:

  • Nusach Sefard (Hasidim) - Sefardic version
  • Nusach Ashkenaz - Ashkenaz Version
  • Nusach Sefard (Sefardim) - Version of Arab country Jews

  • Nusach Ashkenaz

    Most Jewish prayer books today are Nussach Ashkenaz. If you don't know which type of prayer book to buy, you would most probably be the best off with the Nusach Ashkenaz Siddur. This version is being used by most Orthodox Jews today, excluding the Hasidim.

    Nusach Sefard

    This version is mostly used by Hasidim. This version is based on the version of the great sage Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, the Ar"i. The founder of the Hasidic movement, the Baal Shem Tov, adopted this version, and so do all his followers. (excluding Habad - Lubavitch Hasidim who pray completely Nusach Ar"i).

    Nusach Sefard (Sefardim) - Version of Arab country Jews

    This version is used by Jews originating in Arab countries. Jews in Yemen, Iraq, Iran and those who emigrated from those countries use this version.

    To buy a Siddur - the Prayer book, go to your local Judaica store, or to any Hebrew bookselling stores.

    You can also find Jewish prayer books online in all major Hebrew book stores. You can also find an online Siddur, a Siddur audio for beginners by clicking here.

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