Jewish Clothing

Jewish Clothing

Jewish clothing is quite distinct from the clothing that other peoples wear. Modesty is of utmost important for both men and women as Jewish culture and tradition places more emphasis on the soul inside than the physical features that are external. Orthodox Jewish women tend to wear clothing that is not too bright or tight-fitting, with sleeves that cover the elbows and skirts that cover the knees. Women in some communities wear socks, tights or stockings as well, but this is not universal among the Orthodox. Married Jewish women typically cover their hair as a sign that they are married. Men in some communities are discouraged from wearing shorts, though the laws that govern covering skin isn't as stringent with men as with women.

A description of Hasidic and Yeshivish traditional clothing

On this website, there are lots of further details about the ins and outs of Jewish clothing. An in depth description of Hasidic and Yeshivish traditional clothing is available to read, describing the different types of clothing and hats worn by Hasidic and Yeshivish Jews on Shabbat and the weekday. Click here

Modest Jewish Clothing

A detailed account of what modest clothing really means to the Jewish people will be found on the page called Modest Jewish Clothing - Tzniut clothing. Tzanua is the Hebrew word for modest, and in Judaism, there is a lot more to being modest than covering skin. However, not showing too much skin is a big part of the Orthodox Jewish mentality and wardrobe. Click here

Jewish Kippa

Learn all about the Jewish skull cap, or yarmulke, on the Jewish Skull Caps - Jewish Kippa - Yarmulke page. Boys typically start covering their heads from a very young age, and there are many different styles and types to choose from. The source for men and boys wearing a head covering stems from the Talmud, the Oral Torah. While wearing a yarmulke is not listed as a mitzvah, a commandment, in the Torah, these days, wearing one has the force of law. Click here

Talit - Jewish Prayer Shawl

Land at the Talit - Jewish Prayer Shawl page to learn about this important religious article worn by Jewish men. This wool garment with fringes comes in many styles and designs, but is always made of wool. There are different customs as to when boys, or men, start to wear a tallit when they pray. Click here

Ancient Jewish religious clothing

Ancient Jewish religious clothing customs have a fascinating, long-standing tradition that has not changed very drastically in these past millennia. While small details may have changed, modesty has always been essential, married women have covered their hair since the days of the Torah. The concept of women comes from the book of Bamidbar, where we find the concept of the sotah, or the wayward wife suspected of committing adultery. She is required to undergo a ritual where she uncovers her hair. While this ritual is no longer practiced, Chazal, or the Jewish sages of blessed memory, use this ordeal as one of the proofs that married women do, indeed, need to cover their hair. Click here

Jewish clothing for women

Jewish clothing for women is described in detail on this site as well. What exactly, do married women use to cover their hair? What kind of different customs with clothing are practiced in different communities? Shoes, tights, socks, how to these things fit into a Jewish woman's wardrobe? Find the answer to these questions and more within these pages. Click here

Buy Girls modest clothing

Jewish clothing for women is, of course, of a more mature nature than the clothing that young girls wear. Both can be fashionable and trendy, though. In fact, it's a good thing to look nice and presentable, especially with the idea of Kiddush Hashem, or sanctifying Hashem's name through speech, deeds and looks. For young girls, being fashionable and modest can fit nicely together. There are great online retailers to buy modest clothing, some of which are outlined on this site.

Jewish Clothing for Men

The clothing that Jewish men typically wear, including the skull cap, the tzitzit and common Hasidic clothing is described in detail on the page titled Jewish Clothing for Men. These articles of clothing have been worn by religious Jewish men through the centuries and these important traditions continue until this day. Click here

Shop modest wedding gowns

As exciting and wonderful wedding days are, in the Orthodox Jewish world, modesty is not forgotten. There are a vast array of dress shops that specialize in modest wedding gowns, gowns that are not too revealing, yet that will still make any bride feel like a queen. Click here

Modest maternity clothing

After the wedding, sometimes soon after, women will need to find modest maternity clothing. Maternity clothing for the expectant mother has, years ago, stopped looking like droopy potato sacks and now look really amazing. There are some great places to buy modest maternity clothing online. Click here

Modest Wedding Dress

Those who are planning to visit an Orthodox Jewish wedding will find some useful guidelines to follow on the Modest Wedding Dress page. Remember, it's always possible to be both fashionable and modest! Click here

Modest swimwear

On the Modest swimwear for Orthodox Jews page, you will find wonderful online retailers who specialize in modest bathing suits. This segment of the fashion world has exploded in recent years and now it's easy to find beautiful, comfortable and quick-drying swimwear that is suitable for Orthodox Jewish women. Click here

Modest clothing stores

Orthodox Jewish clothing for men and women is described in detail on this site, as are some wonderful modest clothing stores where it's possible to find some great fashion. Click here

A guest article

On hot and sometimes humid summer days, wearing modest clothing can seem like a real chore. But for Orthodox Jews who have grown up with these concepts, dressing this way, even in the heat of the summer, is often not even noticed. Unbelievably, the heat is often noticed more by those who have less clothing on! Click here

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