Modest Maternity Clothing

There is a lot of variety when it comes to modest maternity clothing for Orthodox Jews. In modest clothing, sleeves should be past the elbow, skirts past the knee and ideally, free of slits. Shirts should also cover the collarbone. Maternity clothing for Orthodox Jews won't be any different, it will simply be fitted and formed to be comfortable for the expectant mother.

  • Maven Mall, created by two Orthodox Jewish mothers, is a great place to get modest maternity clothing. They have dresses, hosiery, jackets, coats, skirts and tops for sale. They have a huge selection from all top brand clothing stores. They selected all modest clothing from all major retail stores and posted it on their site with a direct link. The dresses they sell come in an array of colors and are available from as low as $12.99 to around $90. All of the maternity clothing that they offer are modest, or are meant to be worn with a shell underneath for extra coverage.

  • Jinji Maternity, specifically catered for Orthodox Jewish women, sells clothing maternity that are modest, including fall/winter and spring/summer fashions. The fall and winter fashions offered include sweaters, two piece outfits, Shabbat and evening wear and twinsets. The spring and summer fashions include shells, twinsets, evening wear and Shabbat outfits, tops and everyday two piece sets. They also have skirts and gowns. The skirts are between $19.99 and $75, and tops are from $25 and $75. They offer a sleeveless shell for $20 and a long sleeved shell for $25. Petite and plus size items available.

  • Lilo Maternity, run by women, offers modest maternity clothing that is casual, comfortable and high quality that will make you enjoy your pregnancy. Although not specially designed for Orthodox Jews, it still carries a large selection of modest maternity dresses. They sell sweaters, tops, t-shirts and skirts. They have many different styles of each type of clothing; crewneck sweaters, V-neck sweaters, hooded sweaters, cable sweater, polos, long sleeve tees, 3/4 sleeve tees, long skirts and short skirts. The skirts are between $22 and $56 and the sweaters, available in a vast array of colors, are available from $22 to $66. They also have a special category of clothing for special occasions. Lilo Maternity has five outlet locations on the east coast of the USA and one in Israel.

  • For a concise description on maternity swimwear, read here modest maternity swimwear.

  • Modest maternity Jewish clothing can be fun and fashionable, and can fit into many different budgets and styles.

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