Modest Swimwear for Orthodox Jewish Women

Modest Swimwear

Ideally, Modest swim wear for women who are Orthodox Jews should cover the elbows and knees. It should be comfortable, feasible to swim in, and made of materials that dry quickly. Modest bathing suits used to be hard to come by, but they're now available in a large number of styles and cuts. No longer restricted to regular tee-shirts that cling, take hours to dry, and often ride up anyway, modest swim wear now comes in cuts that are comfortable while swimming and beautiful in appearance.

Modest swimwear for Orthodox Jews will be non-garish, but still be pleasant and have all of the coverage a modest jewish woman is looking for. It should be made of swimsuit material, meaning that it will be light, quick-drying, and the fabric will breathe so that the suit won't ride up to show too much skin when in the water. It should feel cool, so the wearer won't become too hot in the sun.

Modesty during beach play and swimming is important not only because of Orthodox Jewish beliefs, but so that the value of oneself is conveyed in not allowing immodest amounts of skin to be shown. It has the added benefit of protecting the skin from the sun's UV radiation, eliminating sunburn and lowering risks of skin cancer.

List of shops selling Modest Swimwear

A large number of online merchants now stock modest swimsuits for Orthodox jewish women. The sites below offer some of the best, highest quality modest bathing suits to be found in online shops.

  1. Aqua Modesta is a trustworthy site created by an Orthodox Jewish woman who loves to swim in the sea, hated the way regular clothes behaved in the water, and didn't want to violate her modesty with traditional modern swimsuits. She offers a selection of beautiful, modest swimsuits along with undergarments made of swim wear fabric to wear beneath them.
  2. HydroChic stocks modest bathing suits appropriate for women who are Orthodox Jews. They sell skirt and top sets of suitable lengths and in beautiful colors.
  3. Sea Secret began after a particularly hot summer that caused the swim wear creator pregnancy complications stemming from modest clothing that was uncomfortable in the heat. They offer a wide selection of modest swim wear styles, including plus size and modest maternity swimwear varieties.
  4. Splashgear carries long sleeve swim shirts and full length swim pants for full coverage. This site was ideally created for Muslim women, but some of their products can serve any modest woman. Their modest swimsuits are available in a number of colors and tropical prints, and from petite sizes all the way up to women's plus.

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