Modest Wedding Dress for Orthodox Jewish Wedding

Modest wedding dresses

"How should I dress for an Orthodox Jewish wedding?" In such a situation, it's important that you follow the right protocol and tradition, so you should be prepared and plan your outfit well. Modest dress is recommended, as Orthodox Jews tend to be very modest at weddings.

Orthodox Jews believe that the body is a gift from God and should be honored and respected, so what you wear is very important. In general, here are some good guidelines to follow:

  • Dresses and pants should extend below the knees
  • Modest wedding dresses with long sleeves are necessary for women, and recommended for men
  • Shirts and dresses should reach up to the front of the collarbone
  • Women's legs need to be covered, whether by a floor length dress or by stockings
  • Men must wear a yarmulka, and it is recommended that females cover their heads

If you are looking for wedding dresses modest to wear to someone's special day, there are plenty of options and places that you can look on the internet for what is appropriate.

A good place to look is a wedding store's Mother of the Bride section, as these wedding dresses are often more modest. You can search in store online at places such as David's Bridal, Alfred Angelo, or another bridal store near you for cheap modest wedding dresses.

A good website that has a nice variety of dress for modest wedding stuff is If you go to this link: You can find nice inexpensive modest wedding dresses to wear to an Orthodox Jewish wedding. Not all of the dresses on that page are appropriate, but if you browse through them and select one based on the criteria listed above for the proper way to dress, you'll be sure to find something that works for you.

For many women, it may be a struggle to find a headscarf or some sort of head covering that is appropriate for the jewish wedding occasion and the right dress for a modest wedding. The website Headcoverings by Devorah, has a nice variety of items for sale. There are some beautiful head scarves available, and you can get them in a variety of colors and styles. The colors are not too flashy, but include shades such as blue, white, black, and brown. There are also lots of different materials to choose from, whether you'd like something made from denim, lace, satin, or silk.

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