Girls Modest Clothing Can Be Fashionable

Girls Modest Clothing

The Talmud teaches Orthodox Jews to wear modest Tznius clothing. Yet girls, teens, and tweens, want to be fashionable and they want their clothing to be an expression of themselves. But modest clothing for girls doesn't have to mean boring clothing. Girls can still express their personalities in their clothing choices.

Girls who are Orthodox Jews, will typically wear sleeves that cover the elbow and skirts that cover the knees. Slits in skirts can be problematic, so you will more often see kick pleats.

Fashionable Girls Modest Clothing

Spring time usually brings pastel colors, but this year's color trends are bold rather than pale. This is showing up in big bold prints and white paired with bright colors. In fact, white is one of the hottest clothing trends for the year.

There is a brand new fashion trend that works well for modest girls. Modest girls will love the revivals of the maxi skirt and maxi dress! This is the most fashionable hem length for Spring 2011. This year's maxi skirt is bright and colorful. Choose fun, bold prints or lots of layered ruffles. Not all of the maxi dresses will have appropriate tops, but skirts offer great flexibility. Pair a colorful print maxi skirt with a matching single color top for a look that modest girls will love. There are some modest girls clothing choices in a long-sleeved, wrap style maxi dress that can also work well for today's teens. If permitted, maxi dresses look great with sandals, though they can also be paired with close-toed shoes.

Though it's geared towards women, rather than girls, there is a great blog by a Frum woman who loves fashion at You can tell from the web site name that this won't be your ordinary Frum web site. The site owner believes there is style in modesty and that they two can go well together. Aside from a blog, you can buy girls clothing, if they're closer to adult size, on her website.

Resources to buy modest clothing for girls: is a collection of links to many different sites to find modest clothing. Scroll down until you find what you're looking for. - includes modest swim wear, shabbos robes, and every day modest clothing for girls and women. has adorable clothing for even the littlest ones. If you have infant girls, this is a great place to find modest girls clothing for them. They also have clothing for older children and even some for adults.

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