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Orthodox Jews using an dating Jewish online service often have one main goal in mind, and that goal is a successful marriage. Orthodox dating Jewish personals will often have the same goal in mind; casual dating is not an acceptable phenomenon in the frum world. Jewish singles on dating Jewish online services and Jewish singles chat rooms should be aware of the customs and traditions that involve wedding gifts.


In many families, especially ones where there is parental involvement, by the time the young couple stands together under the chupa, the wedding canopy, they will be completely set up to begin their lives together. Some of the things needed will include daily and Shabbat or holiday clothing, furniture, Judaica and kitchen utensils and appliances.

For the young man about to get married, particularly if he is Ultra Orthodox or Hasidic, there’s not much shopping to do, because for most of them, the clothing is simple and includes black pants, a jacket, hat, white shirts, along with fancier versions for Shabbat and holidays, which may include a fur hat, called a shtreimel.

Both sides generally participate in buying furniture and other big-ticket items for the future home, with the bride and groom going to see the it separately with their respective parents or together, depending on the community.

Engagement gifts to the young man are usually Jewish articles, such as a silver becher, or goblet and tray which is sued to make kiddush, which is a blessing over wine done on Shabbat and holidays. He may also receive a Chanukiya, the 8-branched menorah used on Chanukah, or a beautiful silver box to house the etrog, or citron, used on Sukkot. Another gift for him could be a complete set of the Talmud.

The young woman's gifts may include the engagement ring, a gold watch, a bracelet, pearls, earrings or other jewelry. She may also receive a set of prayer books to use every day and on Shabbat and holidays.

Brides often present a tallit, a prayer shawl, to their grooms before the wedding ceremony. In some communities, a man who wears a tallit shows he is a married man, though in German-Jewish and Sephardic communities, boys receive a tallit when they reach bar mitzvah age, which is 13.

The tradition of giving wedding gifts not only helps a couple set up their new home, but it also gives guests an opportunity to take part in the joy that the couple will share, starting their new life together.

Gifts of money are very common at Jewish weddings. How much to give depends on many factors, but multiples of the number 18 (equivalent to chai, which means life ) is a nice touch. Rather than $100 even, consider giving $108, which is six times chai, or other multiples of the number 18.

Some other gifts for the couple could be whatever is on their gift registry list or a mezuzah for their new home, which will do on the doors inside their home in accordance with Jewish law. The mezuzah should include a small, handwritten parchment with verses from the Torah encased in a nice, decorative cover. Because much of life for Orthodox Jews centers on Shabbat, Shabbat candle sticks, a challah cover or other necessities would make great gifts, as well as cookbooks or artwork.


There are many totally free Jewish dating sites that millions of Jewish singles have taken advantage of to meet their mate. A lot of these dating Jewish online services feature Jewish singles chat rooms, instant messaging, photo sharing and dating Jewish personals and profiles. Those lucky singles who have found a mate by dating Jewish personals may want to go into their engagement knowing what they may expect in terms of wedding and engagement gifts. Matches have been made with totally free Jewish dating sites as well as those that charge a small fee. These Jewish singles chat rooms are often moderated, ensuring a safe and pleasant experience. Dating Jewish online services can be a wonderful, fun and effective way to meet one's bashert, one's predestined mate.

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