Free Jewish Dating Service

Free Jewish Dating Service

Dating and marriage can be lots of fun for a young Orthodox Jewish couple, but they are also gravely serious matters that are carried out delicately, deliberately and zealously. In Haredi, or Ultra Orthodox communities, much research is done on both the young woman's and the young man's side. In such communities, internet Jewish dating is very much frowned down upon, although there paid and free Jewish dating services that are geared toward frum Jews.


Level of religious observance is of utmost importance when carrying out research for a potential mate in the Ultra Orthodox Jewish world. It is vital to ensure that both parties will have similar backgrounds when it comes to religious observance. This doesn't include basics such as keeping the laws of Shabbat and Kashrut, which will be a given for Haredi families, but what types of Hasidic families they come from, what kind of community they live in and who their rebbe is.

The level of Torah learning, particularly of the prospective groom, is also taken into consideration. In most Haredi and Hasidic communities, full time Torah study for men begins at a very young age and continues until going to yeshiva, though many men in these communities continue to learn full time even after they are married by going to Kollel. Kollels are full-time Torah learning institutions that are similar to yeshiva, but are only for married men who get paid a monthly stipend for learning. These kollels have lectures and learning sessions on advanced Gemarrah (Talmud) study and other rabbinic literature. Both the potential groom and bride will need to agree on what path they will take after marriage.

Financial status is also part of the discussion. A drastic change of financial status would be difficult for either side to go through. While financial status isn't the most important thing that families discuss, it is quite important. Since Haredi couples marry when they are quite young in comparison to the rest of the population, future career choices will be discussed.

Internet Jewish dating, Jewish singles holidays, and free Jewish dating services are fun ways for those Orthodox Jews who are not in Haredi communities to make a match. Pictures, professions and other information on these Jewish singles are often posted on these Jewish dating sites, making it easy to know about Jewish singles with the click of a button. Jewish dating sites have become more and more numerous in the past few years and have had tremendous success making matches. Jewish singles holidays have been playing more of a role for those who love to travel, outdoor sports or cruises. Those who use a paid and free Jewish dating service may have seen such Jewish singles holidays advertised.


Perhaps one of the most important discussions that come up when a potential match is being made are the possible medical consequences of that match. There are a number of genetic diseases in the Jewish world, and there are several organizations that routinely screen young Jewish singles anonymously. Unions between those with such genetic diseases such as Tay-Sachs, Torsion Dystonia, Niemann-Pick and Joubert Syndrome, and others, can lead to disabled children. Medical honesty is the best policy.

Of course, character, intelligence and appearance are all factors for families deciding on matching for these singles. The young man and woman should also get along. Though not much in use by very strict Haredi or Hasidic communities, free Jewish dating services and Jewish dating sites can be a very effective way to make a successful match.

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