Jew In The City's Entertaining Videos by Allison Josephs

Jew in the city videos

1) "What to Wear on My Hair?"

Why do Orthodox Jewish women cover their hair? A different perspective.

Jew in the City Episode 1

2) "Fear No Evil"

What to tell a worrying mother. (Or yourself).

Jew in the City Episode 2

3) "The Hole Truth"

Is it true what people say about Orthodox Jews and the hole in the sheet?

Jew in the City Episode 3

4) "A Kosher Konundrum"

Is kosher food healthier than non-kosher food? Is it blessed by a rabbi?

Jew in the City Episode 4

5) "Jewish Women...Dirrty?"

Do Orthodox Jews consider women dirty during their monthly cycle? Find out now.

Jew in the City Episode 5

6) "Mayim Bialik/Blossom Asks: Are Orthodox Jews Sexist?"

Mayim Bialik wants to know: Are Orthodox Jews sexist? Find out now.

Jew in the City Episode 6

7) "The Jewish Afterlife"

Does Judaism believe in life after death? Find out now.

Jew in the City Episode 7

8) "The Jewish Secret to Financial Freedom"

Feeling out of control with the recession? Learn the Jewish secret to financial freedom.

Jew in the City Episode 8

9) "Is Birth Control Kosher For Orthodox Jews?"

Why do Orthodox Jews have so many kids? Is birth control ever allowed? Find out now.

Jew in the City Episode 9

10) "Shabbat: The Rest of the Story"

What does it mean to "rest" on Shabbat? And what exactly do you do on a day of rest?

Jew in the City Episode 10

11) "Science vs. Religion: Mayim Bialik and the OTHER Big Bang Theory"

BBT star, Mayim Bialik, asks JITC how she can reconcile the science she's studied with the Jewish beliefs she holds dear.

Jew in the City Episode 11

About Allison Josephs Founder of Jew In The City

Allison Josephs was raised in a small town in Northern New Jersey, but due to a childhood existential crisis, she spent years searching for the meaning of life. At the end of high school Allison started looking into Judaism more deeply and saw that there was tremendous depth and beauty within Orthodox Judaism, but realized that it was an option that so few Jewish people ever consider, as public opinion of Orthodox Jews is so negative.

Allison has been involved in the field of Jewish Outreach for over a dozen years, teaching and lecturing, working at Partners in Torah, Sinai Retreats, and NCSY, and is spiritual mentor to actress Mayim Bialik.

Allison has been interviewed on television and radio; her articles have appeared in numerous publications including the Washington Times, The Jewish Press, and World Jewish Digest. She has also written articles and directed and produced videos for and lectures around the country and on WebYeshiva. She received her Bachelor in Arts from Columbia University in Philosophy and lives with her husband and four children minutes from the George Washington Bridge.

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