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The many Jewish dating web sites available to Orthodox Jewish singles may seem to be in competition with the shadchanim, the matchmakers, whose work is generally offline and much more personalized. These shadchanim take into consideration many factors when making a potential match for young Jewish singles, things that Jewish dating websites sometimes don't have the ability to do, such as medical history, financial status and level of Torah observance and learning.

There are some notable differences between between using online Jewish dating services and using a personal shadchan to find a match. With online Jewish dating services, singles do not need to wait for an offer. They simply answer replies they get from their online profiles and send messages to those who look appealing. There is generally always a large pool of people to choose from.

With Jewish dating websites, users have the control when trying to find a date. Users see a picture, read a profile, browse forums, chat online, talk on the phone and then decide whether or not to meet. But there still may be many things that are unknown about the potential match, and sometimes it's good to have another person to vouch for him or her.

There are also many options to pursue when using online services. Many online sites offer singles events, parties, Shabbatons, travel adventures, kayaking, white river rafting, mountain climbing, and singles cruises. Jewish singles cruises sail to all kind of exotic and beautiful destinations such as Alaska, Australia, the Caribbean, South America and Africa. Those who are daring and brave, and love to travel, may really enjoy meeting singles this way. A lot of matches have been made through these types of programs, which offer Orthodox Jews kosher food and lodgings and food for Shabbat.

Those Orthodox Jewish singles who use shadchanim to find a match instead of Jewish dating web sites need to rely on a third party, and make a commitment to the shadchan. Shadchamin find out much about the family life, career goals, character, and many more intimate details about the dating single, that Jewish dating web sites often can't, practically speaking, delve into. Jewish dating online has grown exponentially in recent years with great success, with events, trips and even singles cruises Jewish.

Jewish dating online is a wonderful way to meet a potential match, as is the use of shadchanim. There are Jewish dating web sites who have combined the two, such as Saw You at Sinai, which is discreet and private, using matchmakers who will see all available profile. This is in stark contrast to other Jewish dating online sites; on Saw You at Sinai, other members may not see other profiles at all. This is a refreshing combination of the online dating scene and the use of shadchanim, and they have an incredible success rate, with over 1,000 marriages preformed and many Rabbinic endorsements. The use of either type of service, or a combination of both, is a purely personal choice.

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