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In the Orthodox Jewish world, dating and marriage are taken very seriously. Those lucky ones who have used a Jewish dating website or a Jewish dating service to find their mate and find themselves engaged to be married will be looking forward to an exciting wedding day.

Shalom bayit, or peace and harmony in the home, is a huge aspect of Jewish life. The Jewish home is of paramount importance. In fact, when a new Orthodox Jewish community is being built, the first thing that must be built in not a synagogue for communal prayer or schools, but a mikveh, which is needed for the laws of family purity.

Having children is a large part of Jewish life, and men are actually commanded to have at least one boy and one girl, as is written in the Torah, "God blessed them and said to them, "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it." Bereshit 1:28. Having, at a minimal, one girl and one boy, is the rabbinical interpretation of this verse. Women are not commanded to have children at all, as childbirth is considered a life-threatening situation, and Jews are not required to put themselves into such situations for any of the mitzvot, or commandments, with a few exceptions.


Those who make use of Jewish dating websites and dating online Jewish personals should be aware of what the permitted marriages are within Jewish law. Most of the prohibited relationships are ones that most people wouldn't want anything to do with anyway, such as a man having relations with his mother, sister, daughter, or other close incestuous relationships. But there are other prohibitions that are important to be aware of as well. If a man and woman got divorced and she remarried, the original couple is not permitted to get married again. A male Cohen, or a priest, may not marry a convert to Judaism or a divorcee. A woman who has willingly committed adultery is forbidden to her husband, and a woman may not marry anyone who has represented her in a divorce court. Intermarriage is also forbidden.


Online Jewish dating services, even Orthodox ones, will not typically talk about the very private and personal topic of taharat hamishpacha, or family purity. The basic gist is that during certain times of the month, namely during the woman's menstrual cycle and for a time afterwords, husband and wife are forbidden to each other. At the end of this forbidden time, called niddah, the woman must immerse completely in a mikveh, a ritual bathBrides and grooms who are Orthodox will often take classes on these topics before getting married, as these laws are considered an intrinsic, essential part of a Jewish marriage. Jewish dating websites will generally leave this topic to the couple, their rabbis and teachers. When it comes to conjugal relations, the husband is obligated to do as his wife wishes.


Religious online Jewish dating services and dating online Jewish personals are a great way to meet other Jewish singles who are looking for marriage. One Jewish dating website is Frumster, and there is also Saw You at Sinai, Urban Traditional, Too Be Av, Speed Dating, Orthodate and See You on Shabbos. For those who are dating, online Jewish personals include Jdate, Jsingles, Jewish Match, and many, many more.

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