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Jewish singles vacations are a wonderful and really fun way for Orthodox Jews to meet. What better way to go on a relaxing vacation and at the same time, possibly meet a future mate? These types of vacations are being hosted all the time, by many organizations. There are also many Shabbatons and cruises that are organized with Jewish singles in mind.

Frumster, a premier online Jewish dating site for Orthodox Jews, hosts get-away events for singles including activities such as horseback riding, water-skiing, fishing, kayaking, boating, rock climbing, speakers, workshops and much more. One coming event is open to all Jewish Professionals in their 20s and 30s, and the price includes food and transportation.

List of Jewish vacation sites for singles

JSingles Cruise offers an amazing cruise for Jewish singles who are looking to meet their bashert, their destined mate. They offer cruises to the Greek Islands, the Caribbean and Alaska. They boast eight successful J Singles Cruise marriages and one engagement. Their cruises have entertainment, casinos, fine cuisine, speakers, Torah learning and outdoor fun and adventures. Those looking for Jewish dating may want to try their luck with one of these cruises.

Totally Jewish Travel has Jewish singles vacations, as well as a cruise for Jewish singles. One upcoming vacation is to the rainforests of Costa Rica where singles will have adventures hiking, whitewater rafting, exploring volcanoes and going on safaris. This opportunity is open to singles in their 20s, 30s and 40s, and the price includes meals, lodging and a professional tour guide. A coming cruise is to the Caribbean, Florida, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, as well as other locations. Included in the cruise fare are all accommodations, service, casino, on board activities and 24 hour room service.

Kosherica touts cruises for Jewish singles to destinations such as Baltic Russia, the Mediterranean, Alaska, the Caribbean, Australia and Asia. Their cruises all include glatt kosher meals with Jewish entertainers, full Shabbat services, Rabbis and scholars-in-residence and inspiring speakers. With Kosherica, singles can escape to beautiful islands to meet their match. Kosherica is an Orthodox Jewish dating site and these Jewish singles vacations are geared to religious Jews.

Premier Jewish Singles is a family owned travel company that specializes in bring those who are into Jewish dating together. They are not a matchmaking organization, but they do provide the opportunity for Jewish travelers to meet others with similar beliefs and backgrounds to meet and match up. China, Cambodia and Vietnam are just a few of the destinations that they offer full service vacations to.

Some of these are Orthodox Jewish dating sites, and some are open to all Jews looking for Jewish dating services. Since participants on some of these travel excursions will be religious Jews, all of the food will be kosher and Shabbat arrangements will always be made ahead of time. Jewish singles vacations have proven to be successful for many in the past. It should be stated, however, that Shabbatons can be even more successful when they are held within a Jewish community. The singles eating their Shabbat meals with host families, who provide a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere.

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