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Let me invite you to my dilemma. When I decided to write this page on Judaism, I, for myself at first couldn't decide what my readers want to know on Judaism. The Jewish people? Jewish nation? The religion of the Jews? So I decided I will write a separate page on each of them. This page will directly address Judaism as a religion. For the best term to define Judaism is the religion of Judaism. Although the term "Jews" might be unclear to what exactly it refers to (a race, nation, religion, family), the term Judaism almost always refers to the religion of the Jewish people.

The Judaism religion dates back to the time when the Israelites stood at the foot of Mount Sinai and received the Torah directly from God at the great Sinai revelation. It was back then, almost three thousand years ago that the Jewish religion started. The Ten Commandments where then handed over on the tablets by Moses to the Jews.

Facts about Judaism

All sects within Orthodox Judaism today agree that Judaism is based on the Torah (Bible or Old Testament). It contains 613 Mitzvot (laws) that God directed the Jewish people to follow. Judaism has its own set of values and beliefs. Jewish commentary on these Mitzvot is enormous. Beginning with the Talmud, through the later Rishoinim and Shilchun Urech, Orthodox Jews still keep the laws the same way as they received it from God. Judaism has its own opinion on the nature of God, Human nature, Messiah, mysticism, kabbalah, philosophy, ethics and olam haba.

Click here for a list of the main commandments of God , click here for Shabbos laws , Here for Holiday laws .

Judaism today

Judaism today consists of three main branches: Orthodox Judaism, Reform Judaism and Conservative Judaism. These three branches are besides secular Jews who might practice some parts of Judaism.

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