Kosher Candy

Some great places to find kosher candy online are:


  • Oh! Nuts
  • Old Time Candy
  • Candy Man
  • and Bulk Candy Store
  • The laws of kashrut dictate that only certain animals may be eaten; those with split hooves and that chew their cud, as well fish and poultry. The fish must have both fins and scales and kosher birds are generally herbivores that have been accepted into the Jewish tradition. All animals, with the exception of fish, must be slaughtered according to numerous laws. Orthodox Jewish tradition maintains a strict separation between dairy, or halevi and meaty, or basari foods. This separation is so complete that different dishes and utensils must be used for each, and a certain time period must lapse before eating dairy, after eating meat. Eating during the festival of Pesach and produce from the land of Israel have many more laws and considerations.

    It may seem as though candy is simple enough that one may not need to consider all of these laws, but kosher candy must have certification to be considered as such. Many of the candies that are produced today contain animal products. Not only does any milk that is used need to be kosher, but gelatin, an ingredient in many candies, is commonly made from non-kosher animals. Kosher candy that contains gelatin will come from kosher animals, typically fish. The fats, emulsifies, flavorings and colorings all need to be made of kosher ingredients.

    Equipment and utensils used to produce the candy must be kosher , and may not have come in contact for non-kosher goods. Additionally, if any produce used in the candy is from Israel, that produce must have a certain amount taken out and separated, which is called tithing.

    Soft drinks also have special considerations when dealing with kashrut. Kosher coke produced for Passover must have certification, because of the fact that Ashkenazi Orthodox Jewish communities do not eat kitniyot, which would prevent them from eating the high fructose corn syrup that it's made with. During Pesach, kosher coke is made with sugar instead. Kosher coke that is made specifically for Pesach does require Pesach certification.

    Kosher Chocolate and Nuts

    Chocolate and nuts have kashrut issues, as well. When asking, "What are kosher foods?" chocolate and nuts may seem like they are obviously kosher foods, but chocolate may contain non-kosher ingredients. Some chocolate production companies use vegetable or animal fats to save on the costs of using cocoa butter. Kosher foods containing dairy must be labeled as such, so that they are not eaten with meat, and it is common for non-kosher chocolates, including dark chocolates, to have small amounts of milk. Even if the chocolate does not contain milk, the equipment that it was made with may be problematic.

    Kosher candy containing nuts must be labeled as being kosher. Generally, raw nuts do not require certification, but roasted and seasoned nuts do require reliable certification as they are commonly processed with gelatin or oils.

    As you can see, labeling and certification are a large part of what are kosher foods. Those who keep kosher pay close attention to these labels when purchasing all foods, including candy.

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