Kosher Hot Dogs For Orthodox Jews

Kosher Hot Dogs

Kosher foods are prepared in a way that follows Torah laws and traditions over 3000 years old. Orthodox Jewish people still keep these kosher laws to this day. Kosher meats can come only from animals that have cloven hooves and chew their cud, commonly, cattle, sheep or goats. Domestic poultry such as chicken, turkey and duck is also acceptable. These animals need to go through a kosher slaughtering in order for the meat to be considered kosher. Kosher meat is also drained of all the blood in a special halachic way.

What is a Kosher Hot Dog?

The main difference between kosher and unkosher hot dogs is that kosher hot dogs do not contain pork. Kosher hot dogs also are made from Kosher beef or poultry that have had a kosher slaughtering, according to Jewish law. Common ingredients in kosher hot dogs include poultry or beef, water, spices colorants and flavorings. The meat is prepared in a casing which is removed after it is cooked.

Popular Brands of Kosher Hot Dogs
and where to find them

  1. Hebrew National Kosher Franks. Hebrew National went from a tiny operation on the Lower East Side of New York City and grew into the largest, most recognized kosher brand in America. Their franks are free of artificial coloring, by-products, artificial flavoring or fillers. Their website has a convenient store locator where you can find their products in the closest store near you. It's worth the try!.
  2. Abeles and Heymann. Founded in 1954 by Oscar Abeles and his Nephew Leopold Heymann, Abeles and Heymann has been dedicated to producing the most delectable, premium quality gourmet kosher hot dogs with high standards for quality, authenticty, and mission to provide the finest kosher deli products available. This commitment continues till today. On this website you can order any Kosher Frank you want and have it delivered to your door! What an easy deal!
  3. Grand Kosher Franks, formerly famous Empire National Meats, one of the oldest Jewish meat sellers and distributors. Hugo Weinberg first started this business in Germany after World War 1. In 1935 he immigrated to America and opened his famous meat store in the Bronx and later in Brooklyn. Today Grand Kosher is one of the largest meat and frank distributors. Contact them directly for larger orders, or to ask for the closest store you can buy their products. Their Kosher Franks are known to be tasty and delicious!
  4. Aaron's, Meal-Mart and International, are all great brands of Kosher Frankfurters. They can be found in any of your local major supermarket. Do you want it delivered to your home? Just visit All-In-Kosher and have your delicious Kosher Frankfurter at your door post. Or try and enter the word "frank" in the search box and get a wide selection of franks in many brands and types. Live in Florida? Then visit My-Kosher-Market and enter the word "frank" in the search box and get a wide selection of franks in many brands and types, delivered the same day. Please note: all three stores mentioned above ship nationwide! Live overseas? Just contact them for help.

All of the meat used in these hot dogs have got through a kosher slaughtering and the other necessary steps to insure that they kosher. Make sure they have the Kosher Certification symbol on the package.

What is Kosher Certification?

Orthodox Jewish men and women, as well as others who keep the laws of kashrut, must know what is kosher certification. It is essential to know about certification to properly keep the laws of kashrut. A heksher is a marking on a product certifying that that product is kosher. This marking will tell the consumer what agency overlooked the processing of the food and whether the product contains meat, dairy or if it is neutral, or pareva. It will also indicate if the food is glatt kosher, indicating that after the animal was slaughtered, its organs were checked and found to be without legions.

Chalav Yisrael, literally milk of Jews, markings mean that the dairy products milking and manufacturing was overlooked by a Jewish person.

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