The Origin of Judaism

When did Judaism begin?

So you want to know the origin of Judaism. To answer the question of how old is Judaism, you first should know that the question divides in two. It depends if you want to know when did Judaism begin as a people and nation, or you want to know the start of Judaism as a religion.

Origin of Jews as a nation

The start of Judaism was by the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (1900 BCE). After Jacob went to Egypt with his twelve kids and seventy grandchildren, the Jews became a nation of six hundred thousand men throughout their 210 years of slavery in Egypt.

Origin of Jewish religion

Origin of Judaism at Mount Sinai

The start of Judaism as a religion was at Mount Sinai at the great revelation (1400 BCE). The start of Judaism as a religion was when Hashem (God) gave the ten commandments to the Jewish nation at Mount Sinai. From then on for forty years the Jewish people wandered in the Sinai desserts and Moses taught them the Torah, as he heard it from Hashem (God).

Where did Judaism originate?

If you read till here you most probably figured it out already. The origin of Judaism started in the Middle East. The patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob walked and lived in the land of Israel. While the Jewish became a large nation in the land of Egypt. The start of Judaism as a religion was in the Sinai desert.

So, now you got to know how old is Judaism, and where Judaism originated. And that Judaism is the first monotheistic religion. Want to know more on how Jewish law and culture continued after the start of Judaism? You will find all information in this site!

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