Over 40,000 Ultra-Orthodox Jews Discuss Dangers Of The Internet At Citi Field Today

A rally for ultra-Orthodox haredi Jewish men scheduled today has sold out, with all 41,922 seats at the Citi Field stadium to be filled with religious Jews to discuss how to use the Internet in a religiously appropriate way, and another 20,000 men will fill nearby Arthur Ashe Stadium. Woman will getter in the atrium plaza monsey new york.

Haredi Jews believe that the Internet is threatening the orthodox Jewish lifestyle and that it is dangerous for religion and for a healthy family life. Haredi rabbis believe the Internet is an existential threat for the Jewish religion of the next generation.

They'll make decisions about how much technology they want to allow into their lives and what kind of safeguards they want to apply to that technology, and they will establish a threshold that every community member must meet in order to be part of the community.

Although in some Haredi - Hasidic Jewish circles like "Skver" and "Satmer" they already have very strict rules against Internet use. For example in order to accept your kids in school in "Skver" and in "Satmer" you have to sign that you don't have a computer in your home and that your kids do not have any access to a computer, but at this meeting all community members will be urged to adopt as a minimal base line of protection the installation of a filter on every computer at home and the workplace.

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