Orthodox Jewish Singles Searches

Orthodox Jewish singles searches ideally end with a happy, successful marriage and lots of children.

It's incredibly important for religious who are dating Jewish singles to to know about the important traditions that come with their heritage. There are many ways to meet a potential match, and Jewish singles events in New York and other large metropolitan areas have many singles who are searching for their bashert, their predestined mate. Jewish singles events in New York include parties, Shabbatons, sporting events and other fun activities. Dating Jewish singles have a myriad of options when looking for a marriage partner.

Orthodox Jewish singles searches online have exploded in recent years. There Orthodox Jewish singles searches are a wonderful way to meet a mate, and once one has met his or her mate, it's crucial to learn about some of the important customs that go along with a traditional Jewish wedding.


One of the many customs of the traditional Jewish wedding involves what the groom will wear. With all the attention paid to the dress the bride will wear at the wedding, it's prudent not to forget that the groom's clothing carries important symbolism. The garment worn by Orthodox Jewish grooms is a kittel, a simple white cotton or linen robe.


The white color is said to symbolize purity as well as to signify unity with the bride, who also wears white. The white color also symbolizes that a wedding day is a day for the bride and groom to repent for their sins, not unlike Yom Kippur, alluding to the verse in which the prophet Isaiah said, "If your sins are like scarlet, they shall become as white as snow," Isaiah 1:18. The white garments also signify that, apart from the commitment they make to each other on the day of their kiddushin, their betrothal, they are also making a commitment to God to conduct their lives in holiness.

Another reason worn at the wedding is because it has no pockets, showing that the couple is marrying for love, not for the possessions that they have. For the same reason, it is customary in many communities for the bride not to wear jewelry during the wedding ceremony.

The kittel is also akin to the white shroud that he will wear when he dies,serving as a reminder on the happiest day of his life, the eventual day of his death. This reminder of his mortality on his wedding day is designed to underscore the idea that he should pursue a life of meaning and not one of petty desires. The kittel helps him to focus on proper intentions.

On the kittel, there are 32 fringes on the kittel which, when using gematria, spells out the word lev, or heart. Each Hebrew letter also stands for a number, and many significant and symbolic formulations are calculated in this way. In some communities, it is customary for the bride to give her groom a kittel as a pre-wedding present.


It's a good idea for Orthodox Jewish singles to know the ins and outs of the wedding that they will hopefully soon be preparing for. Dating Jewish is important to those who are religious, and Orthodox Jewish singles searches are an effective way for singles to meet, as well as Jewish singles events in New York and other large cities where there are many other religious Jews.

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