What is Kosher?

What is Kosher?

What is kosher? The laws of kashrut come from the Torah, and they dictate which foods may and may not be eaten by the Jewish people. These kosher laws are kept by Orthodox Jewish communities all over the world and have not changed for centuries.

Kosher animals, Kosher fish

The Torah stipulates that only certain land mammals are allowed to be eaten. Popular kosher animals include cattle, goats, lambs, sheep, deer and buffalo. Kosher fish are those that have both fins and scales. Some kosher fish are tuna, salmon, mackerel, cod and sardines. Sea mammals such as dolphins and whales are not kosher.

Kosher Birds

What is kosher when it comes to birds? There is a bit more ambiguity when is comes to kosher birds. The Torah lists birds that are forbidden; they are birds of prey or scavengers. All kosher birds and animals are herbivorous, and kosher birds are ones that have a tradition of being kosher, these include chickens, pigeons, doves, ducks, geese. Turkeys are considered kosher, although there were those who avoided turkey many years ago due to the fact that it was unknown during the time of the Torah.

What is a Kosher Kitchen?


When asking the question "What is a kosher kitchen?" one must know that many kosher kitchens have two sets of pots, dishes and utensils. This is because it is forbidden to eat meat and dairy together. Many homes have separate appliances, such as ovens and blenders, though one may choose to keep a vegetarian or an all-meaty home with no dairy.

Kosher chicken soup recipe

Kosher chicken soup is eaten by Orthodox Jewish families all over the world on Friday nights. The Sabbath, or Shabbat, starts on Friday night. Special, delicious meals are prepared for Shabbat before it begins, and are kept warm. Kosher chicken soup is frequently referred to as "Jewish penicillin."

A simple kosher chicken soup recipe is to take a whole chicken, celery, carrots, parsnip, parsley and onions. Chop the vegetables into chunks and put everything into a large pot. Fill the pot with chicken broth and simmer it for a few hours. This delicious recipe can warm one's very soul! For another great chicken soup recipe clic here.

Kosher Gift Basket

During the holiday of Purim, families will send a kosher gift basket to their friends and neighbors. A kosher gift basket for Purim may include treats like Hamentashen, special Purim cookies, chocolate, candy, wine, pretzels and other delicacies. It's also quite nice to send a kosher gift basket for occasions such as a new baby, a bar or bat mitzvah, a wedding or a thank you.

So what is kosher? It may seem like many complex rules and regulations, but they are not at all difficult to follow.

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